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Oven Cleaning Training

Eagle Eye Oven Cleaning has established itself as South Londons leading oven cleaning business with three sides to business.

• Oven Cleaning franchise
• Oven Cleaning training
• Oven Cleaning supplies

In this section of our the website we want to give you an insight into our business, history and what we can off you as a potential oven cleaning trainee.

Cameron Laing the owner of the organisation and training provider has vast experience with in this industry. He is the MOST passionate oven cleaner you will ever meet, enthusiastic, hungry and most importantly has all the skills and experience to show YOU how to become a successful oven cleaner with earning potential of £50k!

So let us give you the background. Cameron embarked on his Oven Cleaning journey 5 years ago training with a local provider. The course was great, he learned everything he needed to know to get started, but the real journey began when he went on his own, today the business has grown extensively with only 5 star reviews all over Social Media.

It took around a further year to develop and perfect the process. There were a number of things that were taught on his course that weren’t the most effective and efficient way to achieve the kind of finished job that Cameron prides himself so highly on. Today he has taken all of his training, experience and knowledge to show YOU how to clean the most filthiest oven to looking like new.

Cameron is extremely busy with 20+ jobs a week, dealing with around 20/25 enquiries a week with a 95% conversion rate to closing the appointment. He will be able to demonstrate how to set up the business, how to generate enquiries, how to close leads and exactly how to become a successful oven cleaner.

So if you decide you want what we have to offer let me give you an insight into the training course. You will be spending a week with us on the road, over this week we will introduce you to every kind of oven, hob and extractor you could imagine.

We will pass onto you all the experience, knowledge, skills and generally a full 360 degree insight, looking into what is needed to be a success. On day one you will purely shadow and there wont be much hands on work required, just plenty of listening and some basic practical work that will give you grounding for the rest of the weeks training. The next 4 days you will be taking doors off, taking them apart, scraping, scrubbing and getting really stuck in. We will show you about all types of ovens, dismantling them putting them back together. The time will be taken to show you and allow you to really get the hang of the process. Over those 5 days you will build up enough confidence and knowledge to be able get started on your new business venture straight away. If by day 5, we have our own concerns about your skill level, we will invite you back for additional training days FREE OF CHARGE because our sole responsibility is to have you ready to go and take the oven cleaning world by storm!

Once you have left us and you embark on your oven cleaning journey don’t panic, you’re not on your own. You will have Cameron’s personal mobile so if you have any issues on the road you can call our office or Cameron directly, we will be available to help 7 days a week on the phone, WhatsApp or FaceTime whatever is necessary.



  • Creating an effective business name
  • Design a beautiful and impactful logo
  • Build a fully functioning amazing looking website
  • Full search engine optimisation package
  • Sales training
  • Diary training
  • 5 day Oven Cleaning Training including a day in the training center
  • Full pre and post oven cleaning mentoring
  • Starter pack of equipment and chemicals which includes – Scrapers, blades, scourers, cloths, bulbs, Eagle Eye Oven Cleaning Soap, Eagle Eye Oven Cleaning Degreaser and Eagle Eye Oven Cleaning glass cleaner.
  • 24/7 on call for any issues with jobs
  • Ongoing business support and advice as and when required
  • Youtube video for promotion
  • Full set up of google adwords campaign and introduction to the most amazing google pay per click guy in the industry
  • A personal guarantee that I will help every step of the way to ensure life long success in this industry


  • Oven Cleaning Dip Tank
  • Starter pack of equipment and chemicals which includes – Scrapers, blades, scourers, cloths, bulbs, Eagle Eye Oven Cleaning Soap, Eagle Eye Oven Cleaning Degreaser and Eagle Eye Oven Cleaning glass cleaner.
  • 5 day Oven Cleaning Training


  • 5 Day Oven Cleaning £2,000
  • 3 Day Oven Cleaning £1,500
  • 1 Day Oven Cleaning £500
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