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Cameron Laing the owner of the organisation and training provider has vast experience with in this industry. He is the MOST passionate oven cleaner you will ever meet, enthusiastic, hungry and most importantly has all the skills and experience to show YOU how to become a successful oven cleaner with earning potential of £50k+ with just one van and then help you develop so you can also one day have a multi van operation!

So let us give you the background. Cameron embarked on his Oven Cleaning journey 6 years ago training with a local provider. The course was ok, he learned everything he needed to know to get started, but the real journey began when he went on his own, today the business has grown extensively with 4 vans covering decent sized area and many more vans planned for the future. He has also set up and created 10’s of oven cleaners around the country that are having amazing success due to all techniques passed on before, during and after training.

There are many other companies out there offering training, some good some bad. I can speak for those guys, all I can say is we have a very unique service that no one else is offering and which has a proven track record. (See our testimonial videos or feel free to call any of our previous trainees to hear it first hand)

So our training starts from the minute you decide you want to be the next best oven cleaning business in your area. Once you’ve ordered the programme, we will start speaking in more detail and you will be set some homework (sorry but you’ll thank me later)

Over the weeks leading up to the training course, we shall come up with a suitable name, colour scheme and ideas for the logo. The development process will begin and while we are working on different ideas and models the work behind the scenes begins. The creation of your social media platforms, the coding for the website and all the “techy” side to the business. Hopefully we will have come up and agreed on a logo design. This process can not be rushed as its a big deal and we want to create something we can all be very proud of. Once we have agreed all the name, logo and colours the first draft of the site will be produced.

So its Monday now and this is where your real oven cleaning training begins. We train over a 5 day period, ideally from Monday to Friday but that can be adjusted to suit you if needed. The first day you will have very little to do, its more about shadowing, getting to understand the process and giving you an insight into the business. We will be talking constantly and Cameron will be taking you through the process in a slow and patient way to give you the best insight. Day 2 we go to our head office training centre. We feel its best to have that day of shadowing before we get into the whole dismantling and generally playing with all the lovely dirty ovens in the state of the art training centre. During this day we will take off all the doors, panels, racks, hobs and put them back. We have every type of oven hinge and model that you will find out on the road, this should really give you the confidence for the rest of the weeks training. Day 3, now its time to get your hands dirty on live jobs alongside Cameron. We won’t send you out with our staff, you will be with Cameron the whole time and together you will clean the ovens. Cameron will be by your side at all times, pointing out little ways to improve and generally mentoring your through the process. During Thursday and Friday you will be working on the ovens independently – Cameron will be there the whole time so don’t panic! But this is your time, we want you to take your time, enjoy it build up that confidence and ability so you are fully ready to start when you return home.

So while the training is ongoing on the Thursday after the training session we shall pop back to the head office to go through the website and make any final changes. We feel its best to look at the website towards the end of the training as you will be a little more aware of whats needed for your own site. Of course over time you are going to make some small changes to the site and we can do those small updates for free.

Its Friday now, trainings done, vans been installed with the tank, you’ve received your oven cleaning starter kit and you are ready to take over the world (one oven at a time)! No doubt we will hug it out shed a tear and send you off with all the joy and excitement of a proud father seeing their kids off to school.

Post training – This is vitally important. Your training and support doesn’t end the day you leave us, Cameron speaks to all his trainees every single week even the ones who have been at it for years and have their own multi van operations. We are a family, we want you to succeed as much if not more then you and we will help you every step of the way. There may be quiet periods or you might be worried about something, 1 month, 1 year, 5 years down the line. We will ALWAYS be here to help, we will always be interested in what marketing your doing, what your not doing, where you may be missing something, where something maybe really working for you. We want you to succeed and together we WILL make this happen.

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